MediSpa is a company that offers solutions related to the Medical Wellness.
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Wellness management systems. The objective of Medispa is to create simple, innovative, and effective systems. To this end, the focus is mainly on wearable devices, e-health, pattern recognition and the Internet of Things.


The request for wellbeing is constantly growing, along with the life expectancy. Taking care of ourselves necessitates new landmarks. New technologies offer great opportunities both in terms of product/treatment delivery and in terms of specialized consulting management.

The system

Medispa offers a system of complementary products and services; I-CARE, a health management platform, Wellpoint, a series of cosmetic and technological protocols, FarmaInforma, a customer management App, outsourced diagnostic services and consulting for the realisation of Medicalspa centres.

The pharmacy channel

Medispa implements solutions for various channels/customers. Since 2008, Medispa has payed great attention to the concept of “New Pharmacy” as a place for the development of services related to the prevention and to the wellness management. Up to date, more than 400 pharmacies have adopted our systems.


Medicalspa: the solution to professionally address the need for wellbeing.


I-Care is a system that enhances the skills and tools necessary to develop a consultation point in pharmacies


Service: Medispa offers innovative tools to provide the pharmacy with a screening service, in order to manage and monitor its customers' analysis


Wellpoint: A beauty cabin, the best technologies on the market and clinically tested protocols, in order to give your customers beauty treatments of the highest level


Consulting: clinical, technical, marketing to meet every need.

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